CVD Security Solutions                     

CVD Security Solutions with branches on the island of Curacao and Aruba delivers the full range of safety and security products to the local markets. 

CVD Security

CVD Security delivers well trained security officers (armed or unarmed) and has nowadays a variety of permanent security officers and employees in various disciplines and specialties.

CVD Systems

CVD Systems delivers modern electronic security products as accesscontrol, burglary and CCTV systems as well as a 24/7 monitoring centre, patrol- and surveillance service,

Making sure your information stay's safe!
To secure our customers sensitive information to be transmitted securely we implemented a new Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) this is a security technology for establishing an encrypted link between our server and your web browser.


CVD Security Systems NV                        CVD Security Systems VBA

     Roodeweg 159-160                                Wayaca 126
         Willemstad                                                   Oranjestad
         Curacao                                                        Aruba
      +599 9 462 2602                                    +297 737 5551      

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