Burglary Alarm Systems

What is a Burglary Alarm System? 

A burglary alarm is a system designed to detect unauthorized entry intrusion into your home or office building. Fortunately these systems became more affordable in the last years. Reason why these types of systems gained so much popularity. Burglary alarms are nowadays widely used in residential, commercial, industrial, banks and military properties for protection against theft, as well as personal protection against intruders by the use of an integrated panic or SOS function.

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Did you know that every hour somewhere on Curacao or Aruba a burglary or attempted burglary takes place and that an average burglary only takes about 5 to 10 minutes! Besides the damage caused by the burglars and missing your often irreplaceable valuables like family items, the emotional consequences of such an intrusion should also not be underestimated! By making use of modern electronic security systems for your home or property, you will make it a lot more complicated for the burglar to get to you, your loved ones and valuables.
CVD Security Solutions offers, sell's and install's a width range of high quality security products and brands.

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